High Scale Service Deployment: Taboola’s Recommended Flow

Tidhar Klein Orbach | 01 Jul 2020 | Java

Tags: Deployment, devops, high scale service, release engineering

This post is not about K8S – nor is it about AWS. It is not about containers – Read More...

Using Spark Dynamic Allocation

Igor Berman | 24 Jun 2020 | Big Data

Tags: big data, dynamic allocation, infra, mesos, performance, Spark

The story starts with metrics. Every mature software company needs to have a metric system to monitor resource Read More...

Collaborative Trial: On Optimizing Recommendation Testing

Maoz Cohen | 09 Jun 2020 | Big Data

Tags: a/b testing, algorithms, big data, data, data science, Monitoring, performance, statistics, testing

Taboola is responsible for billions of daily recommendations, and we are doing everything we can to make those Read More...

Stop waking up at night over MySQL replication

Ariel Pisetzky | 26 May 2020 | Big Data


MySQL Slave Replication Optimization Written by Yossi Kalif & Ariel Pisetzky   MySQL in Taboola So you love Read More...

Fear of breaking production? Use Grafana!

Tal Bar Zvi | 07 May 2020 | Big Data

Tags: Grafana, Monitoring, Observability

In Taboola, we deal with scale, huge scale. A small issue might turn into a disaster in a Read More...

Growing by Learning – DIY

Dar Cohen | 29 Feb 2020 | Uncategorized

Tags: Culture, deep learning, Engineering Culture, mentorship

To facilitate flexibility and technological hype, you want to work with people who know how to learn. This Read More...

‘Tis the Season: Fun with (Decision) Trees

Marina Gandlin | 18 Dec 2019 | Data Science

Tags: algorithms, data, data model, data science, machine learning, python

At Taboola, we work daily on improving our Deep-Learning-based content-recommendation model. We use it to suggest personalized news Read More...

Monitoring and Metering at Scale

Gali Katz | 07 Dec 2019 | Big Data

Tags: Metrictank, Monitoring, Prometheus, Thanos

In this blogpost I will describe how we, at Taboola, changed our metrics infrastructure twice as a result Read More...

A QA Party is the BEST Party in town!

Sefy Cnaany | 04 Dec 2019 | Tips and Tricks

Tags: QA

Sometimes we need to test urgent features fast. It has to be within a very short timeframe, when Read More...

Performing Exploration, Robin-Hood Style

Shaked Zychlinski | 11 Nov 2019 | Machine Learning

Tags: algorithms, data model, data science, deep learning, exploration, machine learning, neural networks

Our core business at Taboola is to provide the surfers-of-the-web with personalized content recommendations wherever they might surf. Read More...

Make React Components Consumable Again

Matan Shiloah | 24 Oct 2019 | Javascript

Tags: backstage, javascript, middleware, react, redux

The integration between a newly developed code into an existing code is always a challenge. Recently I was Read More...

Exploiting Multi-Categorical Features Using Deep Interest

Marina Gandlin | 04 Sep 2019 | Data Science

Tags: algorithms, big data, data, data model, data science, deep learning, machine learning, neural networks

At Taboola, our goal is to predict whether users will click on the ads we present to them. Read More...

Taboola Hackathon 2019

Dar Cohen | 03 Sep 2019 | Culture

Tags: Culture, Engineering Culture, mentorship

My First Time Running a Hackathon I’ve planned events before – but never anything like this 48-hour marathon Read More...

Mentorship made easy

Matan Shiloah | 02 Sep 2019 | Culture

Tags: mentorship

I have not always worked at large scale companies such as Taboola. I have started my career in Read More...

Analog Clocks with NTP

Chris Liebman | 21 Aug 2019 | System


Synchronized Clocks: Someone has to be blamed…   I blame Ariel.  He took one look at the five Read More...