The Story of a Bad Train-Test Split

Yoel Zeldes | 16 Dec 2018 | Data Science

Tags: deep learning, machine learning

About a year ago we incorporated a new type of feature into one of our models used for Read More...

Stop reading, start talking. A new way to share knowledge.

Dotan Laks | 21 Nov 2018 | System

Tags: Hackathon, Knowledge, people

Knowledge sharing is critical for every company that wants to grow and improve. The bigger the company – Read More...

Predicting Probability Distributions Using Neural Networks

Shaked Zychlinski | 13 Nov 2018 | Data Science

Tags: data model, data science, distribution, machine learning, neural networks, probability, tutorial

If you’ve been following our tech blog lately, you might have noticed we’re using a special type of Read More...

How Azure Data Explorer Helped Us Make Sense of 1M Log Lines per Second

Ariel Pisetzky | 07 Nov 2018 | System

Tags: web development

As VP of IT at Taboola, my teams and I are overwhelmed with logs, pinned down by the Read More...

How We Stopped Being Afraid of 3rd Party Scripts

Matan Shiloh | 06 Nov 2018 | Javascript

Tags: 3rd party, Node.js, video players

  The web is full of third-party scripts. Sites use them for ads, analytics, retargeting, and more. But Read More...

How to Engineer Your Way Out of Slow Models

Yoel Zeldes | 28 Oct 2018 | Data Science

Tags: architecture, deep learning, performance

So you just finished designing that great neural network architecture of yours. It has a blazing number of Read More...

How I Resolved Delays in Kafka Messages by Prioritizing Kafka Topics

Gal Shelach | 17 Oct 2018 | Big Data

Tags: big data, java, kafka, tips

As a team member in the Scale Performance Data group of Taboola’s R&D, I had the opportunity to Read More...

Zooming Past the Competition

Yoel Zeldes and Amir Keren | 10 Oct 2018 | Data Science

Tags: computer vision, deep learning, diy, web development

Imagine you’re walking down the street and you see a nice car you’re thinking of buying. Just by Read More...

Title to Image Search for Improved Thumbnail Selection

Gil Levi | 18 Sep 2018 | Data Science

Tags: data science, machine learning

Introduction One of the key creative aspects of an advertisement is choosing the image that will appear alongside Read More...

Uncertainty for CTR Prediction: One Model to Clarify Them All

Yoel Zeldes and Inbar Naor | 21 Aug 2018 | Data Science

Tags: deep learning, recommendation systems, uncertainty

In the first post of the series we discussed three types of uncertainty that can affect your model Read More...

Recommender Systems: Exploring the Unknown Using Uncertainty

Yoel Zeldes and Inbar Naor | 14 Aug 2018 | Data Science

Tags: deep learning, neural networks, uncertainty

Now that we know what uncertainty types exist and learned some ways to model them, we can start Read More...

Neural Networks from a Bayesian Perspective

Yoel Zeldes and Inbar Naor | 06 Aug 2018 | Data Science

Tags: deep learning, neural networks, uncertainty

Understanding what a model doesn’t know is important both from the practitioner’s perspective and for the end users Read More...

Using Uncertainty to Interpret your Model

Yoel Zeldes and Inbar Naor | 30 Jul 2018 | Data Science

Tags: deep learning, neural networks, uncertainty

As deep neural networks (DNN) become more powerful, their complexity increases. This complexity introduces new challenges, including model Read More...

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Hyperparameter Tuning

Yoel Zeldes | 14 Jun 2018 | Data Science

Tags: algorithms, data, data science, hyperparameter tuning

Now that more than a year has passed since our first deep learning project emerged, we have had Read More...

5 Simple tips for boosting your Jenkins performance

Tidhar Klein Orbach | 30 May 2018 | Tips and Tricks

Tags: devops, garbage collector, GC, Jenkins, performance

Do you know that feeling when you’ve finished working on a feature, pushed the code, but then your Read More...