Optimizing a Homepage Widget with AB Testing

Noa Bar Or | 15 Nov 2017 | Tips and Tricks

Tags: a/b testing, testing, testing cycle, user experience, web development

As part of the optimization team at Taboola, we are constantly working with publishers and conducting AB tests, Read More...

Scaling Out Jenkins Based CI with Docker and Nomad

Anton Weiss | 18 Oct 2017 | System

Tags: devops, Jenkins, web applications

The existing CI processes in Taboola are quite demanding  – a full product build includes 150 maven modules Read More...

To Predict Article Performance, Use Machine Learning Models

Matt Meng | 17 Sep 2017 | Data Science

Tags: deep learning, Newsroom

Introduction Newsrooms are under constant pressure to deliver the most up to date, relevant, and engaging information possible. Read More...