Collaborative Trial: On Optimizing Recommendation Testing

Maoz Cohen | 09 Jun 2020 | Big Data

Tags: a/b testing, algorithms, big data, data, data science, Monitoring, performance, statistics, testing

Taboola is responsible for billions of daily recommendations, and we are doing everything we can to make those Read More...

Fear of breaking production? Use Grafana!

Tal Bar Zvi | 07 May 2020 | Big Data

Tags: Grafana, Monitoring, Observability

In Taboola, we deal with scale, huge scale. A small issue might turn into a disaster in a Read More...

Monitoring and Metering at Scale

Gali Katz | 07 Dec 2019 | Big Data

Tags: Metrictank, Monitoring, Prometheus, Thanos

In this blogpost I will describe how we, at Taboola, changed our metrics infrastructure twice as a result Read More...