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Performing Exploration, Robin-Hood Style

Shaked Zychlinski | 11 Nov 2019 | Machine Learning

Tags: algorithms, data model, data science, deep learning, exploration, machine learning, neural networks

Our core business at Taboola is to provide the surfers-of-the-web with personalized content recommendations wherever they might surf. Read More...

Exploiting Multi-Categorical Features Using Deep Interest

Marina Gandlin | 04 Sep 2019 | Data Science

Tags: algorithms, big data, data, data model, data science, deep learning, machine learning, neural networks

At Taboola, our goal is to predict whether users will click on the ads we present to them. Read More...

Think your Data Different

Zohar Komarovsky and Yoel Zeldes | 21 Jan 2019 | Machine Learning

Tags: data science, deep learning, machine learning, neural networks, node2vec, word2vec

In the last couple of years deep learning (DL) has become a main enabler for applications in many Read More...

Deep Multi-Task Learning – 3 Lessons Learned

Zohar Komarovsky | 06 Jan 2019 | Data Science

Tags: data science, deep learning, machine learning, multi-task learning, neural networks, tensorflow

For the past year, my team and I have been working on a personalized user experience in the Read More...

Predicting Probability Distributions Using Neural Networks

Shaked Zychlinski | 13 Nov 2018 | Data Science

Tags: data model, data science, distribution, machine learning, neural networks, probability, tutorial

If you’ve been following our tech blog lately, you might have noticed we’re using a special type of Read More...

Title to Image Search for Improved Thumbnail Selection

Gil Levi | 18 Sep 2018 | Data Science

Tags: data science, machine learning

Introduction One of the key creative aspects of an advertisement is choosing the image that will appear alongside Read More...

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Hyperparameter Tuning

Yoel Zeldes | 14 Jun 2018 | Data Science

Tags: algorithms, data, data science, hyperparameter tuning

Now that more than a year has passed since our first deep learning project emerged, we have had Read More...