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High Scale Service Deployment: Taboola’s Recommended Flow

Tidhar Klein Orbach | 01 Jul 2020 | Java

Tags: Deployment, devops, high scale service, release engineering

This post is not about K8S – nor is it about AWS. It is not about containers – Read More...

Make React Components Consumable Again

Matan Shiloah | 24 Oct 2019 | Javascript

Tags: backstage, javascript, middleware, react, redux

The integration between a newly developed code into an existing code is always a challenge. Recently I was Read More...

Fun with (Feature) Flags

Sefy Cnaany | 10 Jul 2019 | Web Development

Tags: QA

Writing features as added chunks into an ever growing one bulk of code is unorganized and messy. Overtime, Read More...

Where did my cookies go??

Yoni Epstein | 25 Jan 2019 | Web Development

Tags: cookies, cross_device, data, identity, identity_graph, tracking, user_data

If you are using web cookies to operate your online business you probably know already that just like Read More...

How We Stopped Being Afraid of 3rd Party Scripts

Matan Shiloah | 06 Nov 2018 | Javascript

Tags: 3rd party, Node.js, video players

  The web is full of third-party scripts. Sites use them for ads, analytics, retargeting, and more. But Read More...

Zooming Past the Competition

Yoel Zeldes and Amir Keren | 10 Oct 2018 | Data Science

Tags: computer vision, deep learning, diy, web development

Imagine you’re walking down the street and you see a nice car you’re thinking of buying. Just by Read More...

How Re2 Shattered My Bottleneck

Ohad Edelstein | 13 Mar 2018 | Tips and Tricks

Tags: python, web applications, web development

One pleasant morning I got to work, thinking this day couldn’t get any better. But as Murphy would Read More...

DIY: Engineering Your Company Culture

Amir Keren | 15 Feb 2018 | Javascript

Tags: bot, ping pong, PIR Sensor, Raspberry Pi, slack, tips, web development

This is a tale of heroism, of overcoming obstacles and hardships. This is a tale of ingenuity, of Read More...

Calculating Git Version

Yuri Goikhman | 26 Dec 2017 | System

Tags: devops, github, tips, web development

Hello Git user. In this blog post I will discuss a technique for a unique version calculation for Read More...

Optimizing a Homepage Widget with AB Testing

Noa Bar Or | 15 Nov 2017 | Tips and Tricks

Tags: a/b testing, testing, testing cycle, user experience, web development

As part of the optimization team at Taboola, we are constantly working with publishers and conducting AB tests, Read More...

Scaling Out Jenkins Based CI with Docker and Nomad

Anton Weiss | 18 Oct 2017 | System

Tags: devops, Jenkins, web applications

The existing CI processes in Taboola are quite demanding  – a full product build includes 150 maven modules Read More...

Leveraging Vertica Performance by Reducing CPU System Calls

Bentzi Mor | 25 Jun 2017 | System

Tags: CPU, web development

What is the connection between kernel system calls and database performance, and how can we improve performance by Read More...

Choosing a synthetic monitoring solution that will not fail you when you need it – based on a true story.

Ariel Pisetzky | 18 Jun 2017 | System

Tags: synthetic monitoring, testing, testing cycle

Synthetic monitoring is something that we all do. It’s almost something that you don’t think about. You set Read More...

Testing with Selenium: Covering an Enterprise Web Application

Yoav Moran | 11 Jun 2017 | Java

Tags: Selenium, testing, web applications, web development

Regression Testing a Complex UI Web applications are a mischievous bunch. When they are born they are usually Read More...