TEST in PRODUCTION – should you?

Tal Bar Zvi | 07 Apr 2021 | System

Tags: automation, ci, development cycle, devops, Grafana, Jenkins, production, release engineering, testing, testing cycle, testing in production

You wrote your code. You even tested it. And now, you are eager to git push it. But Read More...

Don’t just run DNS, run it FAST

Ariel Pisetzky | 03 Nov 2020 | System


By Ariel Pisetzky and Tarek Shama Taken for Granted Taken for granted. That’s the way most users and Read More...

If you fall, fall right – a tale of SRE critical incident management

Ariel Pisetzky | 31 Oct 2020 | Culture

Tags: Culture, Engineering Culture

If you fall, fall right – a tale of SRE critical incident management By Yehuda Levi, Tal Valani, Read More...

Running a Post Mortem Following “The Moment”

Ariel Pisetzky | 17 Aug 2020 | Culture


Failure. I need to talk about failure, and not any failure, my failure. I need to share it Read More...

That Moment

Ariel Pisetzky | 12 Aug 2020 | Culture


That Moment So, the firefighters are in your data center, there is no electricity, and the pager is Read More...

Stop waking up at night over MySQL replication

Ariel Pisetzky | 26 May 2020 | Big Data


MySQL Slave Replication Optimization Written by Yossi Kalif & Ariel Pisetzky   MySQL in Taboola So you love Read More...

Analog Clocks with NTP

Chris Liebman | 21 Aug 2019 | System


Synchronized Clocks: Someone has to be blamed…   I blame Ariel.  He took one look at the five Read More...

Video campaigns budget pacer

Ziv Singer | 04 Aug 2019 | Java

Tags: backstage, data, java, Video

As a content discovery product, we need to be able to pace the campaign through its life on Read More...

Stop reading, start talking. A new way to share knowledge.

Dotan Laks | 21 Nov 2018 | System

Tags: Hackathon, Knowledge, people

Knowledge sharing is critical for every company that wants to grow and improve. The bigger the company – Read More...

How Azure Data Explorer Helped Us Make Sense of 1M Log Lines per Second

Ariel Pisetzky | 07 Nov 2018 | System

Tags: web development

As VP of IT at Taboola, my teams and I are overwhelmed with logs, pinned down by the Read More...

Calculating Git Version

Yuri Goikhman | 26 Dec 2017 | System

Tags: devops, github, tips, web development

Hello Git user. In this blog post I will discuss a technique for a unique version calculation for Read More...

Scaling Out Jenkins Based CI with Docker and Nomad

Anton Weiss | 18 Oct 2017 | System

Tags: devops, Jenkins, web applications

The existing CI processes in Taboola are quite demanding  – a full product build includes 150 maven modules Read More...

Leveraging Vertica Performance by Reducing CPU System Calls

Bentzi Mor | 25 Jun 2017 | System

Tags: CPU, web development

What is the connection between kernel system calls and database performance, and how can we improve performance by Read More...

Choosing a synthetic monitoring solution that will not fail you when you need it – based on a true story.

Ariel Pisetzky | 18 Jun 2017 | System

Tags: synthetic monitoring, testing, testing cycle

Synthetic monitoring is something that we all do. It’s almost something that you don’t think about. You set Read More...