May 2019

My first date with my company

Yochai Uliel | 31 May 2019 | Culture

Tags: Culture, Engineering Culture, Onboarding

My first date with my company – or – how onboarding looks from a freshman’s eye   According Read More...

How to conduct a good reference check?

Asaf Halfon | 30 May 2019 | Culture


Every candidate we recruit goes through a long process of evaluation. Near the end of the process, after Read More...

ICLR 19 highlights (and all that Jazz)

Inbar Naor | 16 May 2019 | Data Science

Tags: Fairness, GAN, Generative Adversarial Networks, ICLR, Reinforcement Learning, Transfer Learning, uncertainty

A joint post with Ofri Mann   We went to ICLR to present our work on debugging ML Read More...

How Intellij Tricked Me To Think Mockito Is Broken

Ohad Edelstein | 14 May 2019 | Uncategorized


My Little DOH! Moment Did you ever debug a piece of code, and said to yourself: “this shouldn’t happen!”? Read More...