Welcome to our Engineering Blog


From the beginning of Taboola, 10 years ago, Taboola engineers have focused on building our platform using open source technology, libraries and techniques we learned online. We are early adopters of many such frameworks, technologies and libraries to be used in real production scale, in applications such as our web frontend, backend APIs, data pipelines and our AI based systems.

We also strongly believe in the need to learn, and the best place to read and learn is online, within a click’s reach. We are such avid readers that we have a dedicated Slack channel, to share with others in Engineering interesting blog posts / articles we’ve encountered. We believe in the need to continuously improve and learn new technologies, processes, and libraries, while making sure we always aim to deliver great value to our business.

It’s only time we’ll start contributing back – sharing all the techniques, tricks, designs, code fragments and culture hacks we are learning along the way. The deep talent of our engineers is what fuels Taboola. Whether scaling an Engineering organization from 20 to 200, building a system to support tens of TB data per day, serving billions of views daily, building personalization and recommendation algorithms and running and rendering on billions of devices.

Transparency is embodied in the Taboola culture, so we will share not only our wins, but also our failures, lessons learned and general wisdoms we’ve acquired along the way.

My name is Aviv Sinai, I joined 9 years ago when we were less than 10 people, while now we’re 700, adding an employee every day. I’m very excited to be sharing this new Engineering Blog with everybody, and welcome any feedback you have for us about things you’d like us to write about, and more.

Happy blogging!

   — Aviv Sinai, VP R&D