December 2019

‘Tis the Season: Fun with (Decision) Trees

Marina Gandlin | 18 Dec 2019 | Data Science

Tags: algorithms, data, data model, data science, machine learning, python

At Taboola, we work daily on improving our Deep-Learning-based content-recommendation model. We use it to suggest personalized news Read More...

Monitoring and Metering at Scale

Gali Katz | 07 Dec 2019 | Big Data

Tags: Metrictank, Monitoring, Prometheus, Thanos

In this blogpost I will describe how we, at Taboola, changed our metrics infrastructure twice as a result Read More...

A QA Party is the BEST Party in town!

Sefy Cnaany | 04 Dec 2019 | Tips and Tricks

Tags: QA

Sometimes we need to test urgent features fast. It has to be within a very short timeframe, when Read More...